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Help Paying Bills

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"I have had anxiety since all of this started, I was barely making it before, but I was ok. I feel so much better now knowing that I am receiving this help. I knew if I could just get a little help, I could stay caught up."
United Way of the CSRA 211 Client

Housing and Utilities

The cost of housing and housing-related expenses, like water and power, has been increasing across the U.S. for many years. Many households spend more than half what they earn on housing expenses, and the 211 network receives more calls from people looking for help paying housing and utilities bills than any other need. 

Healthcare and Medical Treatment

Healthcare costs in the United States are hard to manage for millions of families, especially when an unforeseen injury or illness occurs. You can always call 211 to speak to someone who can help, or start by using the resources below.

Food Benefits

There are several federal and state benefits programs that can help you pay for food and other essential items.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Occasionally programs exist for certain financial situations.  When resources are limited or you may not qualify for services, it's okay to call 211 again and ask about other ideas or options.   Exploring new ways to reduce your expenditures or applying for another program can sometimes provide temporary help in difficult situations.  

More Resources

Not sure where to start? We can help. Call 211