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211 – A Network United in Data!

Blog Author: Kevin Claybon, SVP Data Insights & Research, UWW

More than 90% of the 211 Network has joined or is joining the 211 National Data Platform (NDP for short). Let that sink in for a moment. The NDP currently represents 45 States and Puerto Rico, with another 2 states in the process of joining. Of the roughly 240 call centers that comprise the 211 Network across the United States, there are only a dozen who have not signaled their intent to join.

 What is the 211 National Data Platform and why does it matter? The NDP is a cloud-based data environment that allows 211s to share their locally curated resource directories into a single location. Each 211 curates a directory of health and social services for their local area or state. By coming together, we have built the largest database of health and human services in the country, and because the directories are locally curated, it’s also the most accurate and up to date.

 Now the question is, how can we fully utilize this asset to enhance our mission and better serve those in need? Fortunately, many of the largest companies and organizations are making it easy for our network to answer this question. There is extremely strong demand for resource directories to be integrated into the companies and organizations we interact with every day. 

 Our network contact centers are an entry point to the social sector for 50,000 people a day. Now imagine bringing to life the power of 211 in every doctor’s office, pharmacy, utility company, school district, or even big box retailer. Or partnering with big tech on population health initiatives to identify services gaps in areas of greatest need. There are even opportunities to partner with the federal government to improve disaster response, coordination, and recovery. The NDP is helping our network be better positioned to drive policy, funding, and impact decisions at the highest levels.

 By coming together, we are no longer a collection of 240 individual 211s who only serve their state or local communities. We are now a network united in data, able to act as one, and operate at a scale we only dreamed about. Congratulations 211 Network – here’s to a great 2023.