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Local and national partnerships help 211 make an even bigger impact every day.

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Service Providers

Do you offer health & human services to people?

Each 211 agency curates a database of local and, in some cases, statewide services and resources to best serve people in their communities. If you are a local service provider, like a food pantry or financial coaching organization, and you want to make sure your services are listed with your local 211, you can find information about how to submit your information by going to your local 211's website

While most services to which 211 refers clients are local, we know that many great resources are available to people regardless of their location. If your organization offers services or support to people regardless of their location and you want to be listed in multiple 211 resource databases, please complete this form. This information will be shared with the entire 211 network.

Our Partners

Let's combine superpowers to help more people.

Across the country, 211s partner with companies large and small to increase their impact and serve more people. For example, in 2019, United Way and the 211 network partnered with Lyft to provide thousands of free rides to people in need of help getting to job interviews, medical appointments, and more. Whether your company is passionate about solving food insecurity, homelessness, childcare, or something else, 211 can help.

Learn more about our corporate partners and join us today.

Support 211

Engage with 211 to bring people and services together.

Donating resources, advocating for improved systems, or volunteering your time to help a local 211 organization - the 211 network succeeds when civic-minded individuals engage in bringing people and services together.  Search for and connect with your local 211 to volunteer and answer calls, serve on a board, be an spokesperson among elected officials or donate here - 211 needs your support.