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With support from PetSmart Charities, in late February 2021, 4 United Ways and 211s kicked-off a pilot as part of Ride United's Last Mile Delivery work. This project aimed to fill supply gaps by delivering pet food and supplies, ensuring that families and their four-legged loved ones have the nutrition and resources they need. This pilot will expand in the coming months to 6 total teams, ultimately providing 3,600+ pet food and supply deliveries.   

Supply deliveries include kitty litter, waste disposal bags, puppy training pads, senior incontinence supplies, harnesses, leashes, crates, mats, and basic toys.  

A recent highlight of the work happening in South Dakota was captured and submitted: 

During an initial giveaway event in April 2021, 100 homes in Sioux Falls received pet food through delivery in partnership with Faith Temple. A local high school volunteer program made dog toys that were also distributed along with the dog food to each home. Learn more here.

Pets Eating Too
“This delivery was very important because I was able to feed my pets and by doing so, they were happy. After losing my job and not having money to pay any of my bills nor buy the food my pets needed, the service was a huge help. Thank you for the help.” –